mFrame has been developed as a software tool with minimized prerequisites. It is designed according to the MVC (model-viewer-controller) layer concept. Central means of control is an XML coded file ("Steuerdatei").

mFrame enables also unexperenced users to develop an application within short time.

mFrame is realized using groovy. It's functionality was used to provide database access (via GSQL). Groovy Server Pages (GSP) are also integrated.

An additional requirement is the access to a database via an appropiate database client.

Key features of mFrame are:
  • single entry point
  • menu system controlled by given priviledges
  • optional database usage
  • global application layout
  • authentification

mFrame is kept simple. It's different parts can be use independently.

The framework supports rapid prototyping. New elements can be tested immediately after coding.

mFrame supports development of WAI conformant applications. (see also WAI

mFrame vs. grails: mFrame depends only on groovy While grails is dependent on several other frameworks and libraries.

used license model: Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 License